IETM Multi-ubicació els dies 1 i 2 d’octubre 2020

If we look on the bright side, 2020 has allowed us to reinvent activities and explore new ways to network, communicate and connect across our membership and beyond. Most of our meetings moved online, our members hosted significant national and regional digital talks and our whole international community stayed united thanks to technology. But we do miss not meeting face to face and it is therefore time for us to reinvent international gathering. 

On 1-2 October 2020, we invite the global performing arts sector to our very first Multi-location Plenary Meeting, which will combine participation in both online and physical activities in more than twenty different locations in the world.

In other words, you’ll be able to travel to a physical meeting hosted by an IETM member on the one hand, and to benefit from both our digital content and an exciting on-site programme surrounded by your peers on the other hand! Moreover, most of the local meetings will be live-streamed so that participants who are only attending online will be able to digitally travel from one location to the other in real time.

In accordance with our on-going Rewiring the Network trajectory, we will ask the sector and the rest of the world a simple question: What matters now? This humble yet relevant theme will allow us to speak out and listen; to look at ourselves and open up to the world; to keep going and be subject to change. We believe it is time to reconnect in person, to go back to the roots of our network, and to collectively reclaim our pivotal place in designing a better future in a healing world.

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