Journey to the center of the earth

An innovative and visually strong show, this piece is inspired by one of the best-known works by the father of literary science fiction, Jules Verne. In Journey to the center of the earth, two sisters, Eva and Ava, decide to follow in the footsteps of an ancestor of theirs and to travel to Iceland. There they meet Hans, the guide who will lead them on a journey to the centre of the Earth, a descent during which the dancers will encounter incredible beings and landscapes, as well cultural residues that humankind has left behind.

Coproduction: Grec 2015 Festival de Barcelona, Roseland Musical and Sant Andreu Teatre SaT! In cooperation with Atrium de Viladecans and Block Audiovisuals.

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La Companyia


A company created in 1983 with an inalterable objective: to create dance performances for children and young people with the artistic quality that this public deserves. During these years, Roseland has combined the creation with the direction of significant events to bring dance to all audiences.

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