Attention! Rats have invaded the city. They appear everywhere: from trees, from houses, from containers. and they’re in the middle of the street in daylight. They’re no longer hiding and they’re giants!

They have taken the city and there is no rat-killer to serve. Only one person can take this plague: a flute player who comes from a far away country. But they look like really funny rats!

Rats! is an itinerant street show, based on the traditional story “The Pied Piper”. A giant and hooligan version of history, in which the rats make their own with everything they find, following the steps of the flute player who guides them from the heights with his flute.

There are four different rats, each with its own personality. They come to play with people and everything around them. Rats! is a fun show, dynamic, visual and for all ages.

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In 2008 Cristina Garcia and Jordi Pedrós founded Campi Qui Pugui. Our shows treat the public with closeness and fun, combining different techniques. We have acted in more than 15 countries, including Australia, Israel, Romania, Canada, China and Korea.

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Espai MARBI, Partida Bovà, 7
25196 Lleida
Phone. (+34) 649.567.851 · ttp@ttp.cat
TTP Manager: Abigail Ballester Ariño
Monday to Friday from 9 am. at 2 pm.

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