Piccolo Circo de hilo is the story of a puppet that dreams of being a tightrope walker to go until the moon. It is a story that starts from the end, when the circus closes and this puppet spends time to pose in order and clean, looking for the ancient splendor of the track. With a little fantasy you will transform the most boring occupations into wonderful games and dances that will travel the adventures of the Piccolo Circus around the world, until you reach your dream of being a funambula … It is a world that has a routine outside the common rules within of a poetic, grotesque, ironic architecture. Everyday objects will be animated and become characters, in a game that recalls the ability, which is only in childhood, to transform the world around us into a fantasy game. Piccolo Circo de hilo is a dance and visual theater play with puppets and mapping for family audiences.

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Antonella D'Ascenzi / RouxX2



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Antonella D'Ascenzi / RouxX2

Antonella D'Ascenzi/RouxX2 Project creates shows and pedagogical proposals since the body, the objects and the images. Since the 2010 she has created works and performances for familiar and adults public, powering a poetics that talks and plays with the scene.

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