‘PERCULIGHTS!’ is an itinerant street show for all audiences, where movement, rhythm and percussion generate light, in real time, illuminating the musicians at every step.

This production is a collaboration between Brincadeira, an atypical formation of percussion, which takes great care of its staging and movement, beyond its rhythms (recently they have made various collaborations with other dance companies such as Brodas Bros) and Bàcum/performing and visual arts, producer of dance, music and multimedia shows, which creates interactive shows for all audiences, always mixing different disciplines, without losing the essence of the elements. We have designed an interactive wireless system so that the sound of the drums in each Once, acting on a system of LEDs, giving light and color to the rhythms in each moment. The result is an interactive, innovative and itinerant percussion show in which each composition is made from rhythm, dynamics, light and color, generating endless visual, poetic and surprising visual images.

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Múcab Dans

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Múcab Dans

Múcab Dans is a dance company based in between Barcelona and Girona, which was created with the idea to create multidisciplinary spectacles, mixing performing and visual arts, to find their own language in their work with the aim of bringing, the general public, the language of the movement.

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Espai MARBI, Partida Bovà, 7
25196 Lleida
Phone. (+34) 649.567.851 ·
TTP Manager: Abigail Ballester Ariño
Monday to Friday from 9 am. at 2 pm.

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