Enginys Eko.poètiks

Would you like to enjoy a magical moment?

Each contraption poses a challenge, a stolen moment in time, a gives creative look and use to a series of everyday objects.

Enginys Eko.poètiks is an interactive installation for all ages, where each contraption is unique and independent but at the same time all together they create an original, fun, interactive space.

This project respects our company’s three pilars: creativity, recycling/upcycling and play, built using the basic principles of electricity, electronics, renewable energy and also a little bit of poetry.

Each contraption combines an upcycled object which moves using a type of renewable energy (be it solar, dynamos or magnets) and as a game, it challanges the participant’s skill level. Each device also includes some written poetry…

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tel.+34 646255079

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Katakrak is a street art company rooted in creativity, recycling, and play. In our workshop we make original and unique creations by recycling disused industrial waste and basic household objects, turning them into something completely different.

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Espai MARBI, Partida Bovà, 7
25196 Lleida
Phone. (+34) 649.567.851 · ttp@ttp.cat
TTP Manager: Abigail Ballester Ariño
Monday to Friday from 9 am. at 2 pm.

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