Almazuela (beneath the sheets)

Beneath the sheets…

now a foot, now a hand, now stick out your head…

now it’s cold, now it’s hot…

Where is the Sun? Eaten by a cloud !

I wink at a colorful fence…

I smile at a weeping tree full of flowers…

and a lazy bench is calling me to sit on it !

I open my eyes ! Am I dreaming ?

I hear a cricket making a ‘cric-cric’ noise…

I am invited to a picnic…

there are cakes with buttons

and plates with toes…

Now I am sleepy! I want to sleep !

A tender and honest presentation, which is poetic, funny, meticulous and original. Fragments from a dreamlike world with unexpected surprises that will both amaze the young audience and stimulate their curiosity and imagination.

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Cia. Roberto G. Alonso

tel.+34 930109390

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La Companyia

Cia. Roberto G. Alonso

Dance company that combines movement and theatricality in unique, imaginative and detailed shows with powerful visual aesthetics creating captivating atmospheres that stimulate the senses and awaken in children and adults sensations and emotions, transporting them to dreamlike and poetic worlds.

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Espai MARBI, Partida Bovà, 7
25196 Lleida
Phone. (+34) 649.567.851 ·
TTP Manager: Abigail Ballester Ariño
Monday to Friday from 9 am. at 2 pm.

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